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Automatic Gate Installation

Automatic Gate Installation

When having an Automatic Gate installation done, understanding how it works is very important. If you’re trying to install the gate on your own thre are first some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to install a single or double gate?
  • How much would the gate weigh?
  • How long would the gate leaf be?
  • Which way do you want the gate to open?
  • How do you plan to charge the batteries?

Figure out the Charging Method

An automatic gate is usually run on a low-voltage battery, as it’s required to function. Be sure to check the model and what time of battery is needed for it before purchasing the equipment. The battery is normally charged by the transformer or a solar panel, which is optional. If the power source is more than 1000 AC’s, it has to be a solar panelled battery. The manual should definitely include all important information – including the accessories, opener model, gate cycle and location.

Before Beginning

Begin by watch the installation DVD and thoroughly reading the instruction manual first. Electric/automatic gates require high levels of (force) when installing and therefore be sure to always read the safety precautions included with the gate opener.  Be sure to know exactly what you’re doing so as to prevent any possible hazards from happening.

Check that the (gate opener) is what is required for the model of the gate you’ve purchased. And always remember that an automatic gate is only for vehicular use. A separate pedestrian gate needs to be installed for normal use.

Prepare gate for Installation/Opener

A gate opener needs to be purchased specifically for the automatic gate being installed. Only then will everything work well.Below are a few steps to follow to be prepared for the process.

  • Swing, level and plumb comfortably on the hinges.
  • The gate needs to move along the arc properly, without dragging or bending along the ground.
  • Wheels shouldn’t be attached directly on the gate.
  • If the gate weights more than 250 lbs. special ball (bearing) hinges and grease fittings will have to be used.
  • The gate post needs to be properly cemented on the ground.

Install the Opener

When installing the opener make sure it’s to the side of the fence/property. Never fix it on the outside where individuals have easy access to it. Place it to the centre as that reduces the chances of flexing or twisting when the opener is functioning and further prevents the splash of rain as well.

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