Automatic Gate Repair: How To Open An Electric Gate Manually

While an automatic gate can be useful, there are several problems that can affect the electrical components of the motor that controls the gate. When this happens, you might be in need of an automatic gate repair service. This will allow a professional to come out and look at the electric box that is responsible for automatically opening and closing your gate.

There are times where you might find your automatic gate malfunctioning late at night – particularly when a technician will not be able to come out to your property. In this case, you will need to learn how to open up the gate manually.

Manual Opening of Automatic Gate

When your electric gate gets stuck, there is no need to feel worried. Even before you call an automatic gate repair service provider, you will still be able to open the gate manually – allowing you to enter or exit your own property, while waiting for the gate to be repaired.

The first step to open an electric gate manually is to loosen the bolt that is found on the box of the electronic motor. Once loosen, open up the box and look for an arm structure – pull down on the arm. This will allow you to open the gate manually, even when there is no electricity at the moment.

If you do not require automatic gate repair, but just need to open your gate during an electricity outage, be sure to pull the arm back up once the power is back on.


When an automatic gate repair service provider is unavailable, and you find your electric gate stuck, you need to know how to open the gate. The good news is, if you are on the inside of your property, then there is a specific procedure you can follow to open the gate manually. Simply follow the instructions provided in this article.

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