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Whether you desire a balcony iron railing, a swimming pool iron gate, or a back and front yard gate, we at SF Bay AutomaticElectric Gate repair in Daly City, CA have everything you need. We have a team of highly qualified specialists who can do it all.  From company and contractor direct to consumer, we can install or repair all kinds of gates, including iron gates, wooden gates, gate openers, and more. We are prompt, customer focused, offer competitive budget-friendly pricing, and provide superior quality gate installations and sliding gate repair in Daly City, CA.

Understanding the benefits of electric gates installation in Daly City, CA

Whenever making a large purchase, it is important to understand if it is going to be a one-time expense or a long-term investment. It’s significant to list the pros and cons of how the investment of your hard-earned money will pay off in the future. Not only will a new gate provide peace of mind, additional safety, and security for your family, but making the house look nicer from a curb appeal standpoint means that the value of the property itself has increased! If you have an existing gate, we also offer affordablegate openers repair in Daly City, CA.


One-Stop Shop for security gates in Daly City, CA

Our warehouse has every imaginable part that could possibly be needed for fixing or installing new, classic or electric gates installation in Daly City, CA on your property. Beyond that, the resourcefulness and professionalism of our highly-trained staff will ensure that you are truly satisfied with your prompt sliding gate repair in Daly City, CA.


7-Year Warranty on new gates and gate openers installed in Daly City, CA.

If something is not working perfectly, then we will be therewhen you need us—For Free!


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