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Electric gate repair in Los Gatos, CA

If you want to keep your property safe, you will need security gates. Addinga professional electric gate installation in Los Gatos, CA, is an ideal layer of protection for your home. You can install swing gates at the driveway for easy entry and exit. However, it is beneficial to understand the options before making any choice. Swing gates are a viable choice for homes with sufficient space in the driveway for the gate and the vehicle. If you have any existing fence, electronic gate repair in Los Gatos, CA can upgrade the existing fence to an automatic version. Much like its name infers, the door swings rather than retracts or lifts. Therefore, there must be sufficient room for it to swing across the driveway gate without hitting your car. The locking mechanism and hinge can be custom catered to swing either toward the inside or outside of your driveway, depending on space and personal preferences regarding these aesthetic and engineering values.

Gate openers services in Los Gatos, CA

There are a few types of operators used in conjunction with gate openers installation in Los Gatos, CA. The two main types of electric gate openers are electromechanical and hydraulic. The most common form of swing gate utilizes a simple swing arm system. This operator is a small, fairly simple box with a long arm extending across the driveway. It is the most affordable and easy to install. Often times homeowners start with it and later on will upgrade to a more elaborate model and type. We provide automatic gate repair in Los Gatos, CA, for all types of iron gates and wooden gates. Call us today for more information.

Electric driveway gates services in Los Gatos, CA

The electrical system for your swing gate can be connected to your home. Alternatively, you can install solar panels to keep your utility costs down. In either case, a backup battery or connection to your backup home generator is essential as this will prevent you from becoming trapped in or out of your driveway. Adding a stylish electric gate installation in Los Gatos, CA, at your home will improve the appearance and value of your property for years to come.


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