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The Most Common Problems Faced When Installing Automatic Gate

  1. Gates on Slopes Cause Issues

You must avoid fitting gates in situations that run uphill. This will make the situation difficult, need additional tools and put pressure on the automation. It can be done, but it is ideal to avoid it.

  1. Ensure the Gate Work without Automation

Any automated gate must work correctly as a manual gate. Adding automation system won’t solve the issues with a gate that’s not installed properly.

  1. Underground Motors

When you’re attaching underground motors, make sure suitable drainage is provided. These motors are designed to be fixed through the underground layer.

  1. Are the Gate Openers Up to the Task?

Ensure that the equipment that is chosen is appropriate and meet the requirement that is stipulated by the manufacturer. Failure to do this will affect the guarantee.

  1. Environmental Conditions

Enough consideration must be given to environmental situations. Particularly, the effect of wind or storm on the gate. An open railing gate will have a degree of wind resistance, and close boarded gates are like a sail in strong wind. Automatic gate systems are the preferred choice by many business and homeowners because of the safety built into the system.

  1. Getting the Help of a Professional Gate Company

Gate automatic products and systems must be sourced from a reliable manufacturer and fixed by an experienced technician. It might be costly, but you need someone who can take responsibility for the installation and also doing a proper risk assessment that’s stipulated by law.

It can be appealing to get your equipment by yourself from a manufacturer. Electric gate or automatic gate equipment must be done by a qualified and certified expert. This will help to avoid any risk associated with gate installation.

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